Technical Site Information

Below you will find an overview for the technical site requirements for our machines. Please contact our sales team to discuss any technical requirements, and we will gladly answer questions!

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  • Machine dimensions: width - 45", depth - 55", height - 93.5", weight - 1,600 lbs.

  • To allow for proper airflow and ventilation a minimum of 24 inches is required on the left and right sides of the machine.

  • For plenty of operating room and a great customer experiences we recommend a 10'X10' footprint.

  • To allow for electrical and water connections a minimum of 6" is required on the back of the machine.

  • To follow NAMA (National Association of Automatic Merchandising) regulations there need to be 6" inches of clearance under the machine.

  • The site requires a surface that is capable of supporting 2,500 lb. spread over (4) 2-inch diameter legs. The maximum cross slope of the foundation is one inch per foot.

  • A reinforced concrete pad is recommended. If the machine is subject to vehicular traffic, install protective pipe bollards as needed. We recommend two (2) 6-inch concrete filled pipe bollards positioned a minimum of 40 inches off of the front two corners of the machine.

  • The machine requires a 208-230 VAC, Single Phase, 60Hz, 30 Amp service.

  • Water supply must come from an approved portable water source deemed healthy for consumption before it enters the machine's filtration system.

  • Incoming water supply line size is 1/2 inch.

  • Incoming water pressure (min) is 40 psi.

  • Incoming water pressure (max) is 65 psi.

  • Incoming water temperature (min) is 40 degrees F.

  • Incoming water temperature (max) is 100 degrees F.

  • Drainage is considered freshwater from production, melting or overflow.

  • Water drainage line size is 3/4" with positive drainage of 1%-2% and drain capacity at 5 gallons hour.